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Get to Know Travis Keyes

A Strategic Leader With a Passion for Banking and Organizational Leadership

Travis Keyes is a seasoned leader in the banking industry with a diverse background in strategic planning, team building, and finance. Based in Polk County, Travis has made a significant impact throughout his career and is currently excelling as a Commercial Relationship Manager at SouthState Bank.

Travis Keyes

Education and Early Career

Travis is a graduate of Haines City High School. His journey toward becoming a distinguished leader started at Palm Beach Atlantic University, where he pursued his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management. He displayed a strong commitment to learning and later went on to complete a Master of Science (M.S.) in Organizational Leadership at the same university. Armed with this knowledge and expertise, Travis embarked on a path to shape the world of banking and business.

Professional Experience

Travis’s professional journey has been a rich tapestry of experiences that have contributed to his versatile skill set. He began his career as the Chief Designer at Haines City Fire Extinguisher Service, where he showcased his ability to manage and coordinate complex projects. During his tenure at Orange Industrial Services, Inc., he served as an Account Manager, gaining valuable insights into the world of industrial services and further honing his management skills. In 2018, Travis took a bold step and founded Keyes Contracting & Consulting, LLC, an enterprise that allowed him to leverage his expertise to provide valuable services to clients. This venture highlighted his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making a positive impact.

Travis is the owner of the firm and is a Certified General Contractor, giving him insight into all phases of commercial construction, experience that will benefit taxpayers.

When he transitioned to the banking sector, Travis became a VP – Commercial Relationship Manager with SouthState Bank (Formerly CenterState Bank) in Winter Haven, FL. At SouthState, he continues to foster strong connections with clients and contributing to the bank’s growth. This financial experience will also help as he deals with School Board budgets.

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Key Skills and Expertise

Travis’s arsenal of skills is both impressive and diverse. With a strong background in Operations Management, he knows how to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. His coaching abilities have proven invaluable in guiding teams to success, while his sales acumen has helped drive business growth. Additionally, Travis’s financial experience will provide good financial guidance to the School Board. Travis is currently serving as Chair of the Audit & Finance Committee as well as the Vice Chair of the Attendance Boundry Committee.

Team Building and Training Needs Analysis

One of Travis’s standout skills is team building. Throughout his career, he has shown an exceptional ability to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds into cohesive and high-performing teams. Moreover, his aptitude for conducting comprehensive training needs analysis ensures that teams are equipped with the necessary tools to excel.

Passion for Organizational Leadership

Travis’s passion for organizational leadership shines through in his academic achievements and his track record of successfully leading teams. His Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership exemplifies his commitment to understanding the intricacies of leading organizations and motivating individuals.


Travis Keyes is a remarkable individual whose career path has taken him through various industries, each contributing to his growth as a leader. With a focus on strategic planning, team building, and hazardous materials, he has found his niche in the banking sector, where he continues to excel as a Commercial Relationship Manager at SouthState Bank.

As an experienced leader with a proven track record, Travis exemplifies the power of education, determination, and passion in driving professional success. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring leaders and demonstrates the significant impact one can make with a commitment to personal and professional growth.

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