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Candidate for Polk County School Board, District 2



Passionate and Effective Strategies

Travis Keyes is running for Polk County School Board, District 2. He wants to ensure every student has access to an outstanding education. Travis also wants to ensure educators have what they need to serve their students. He is more than capable of delivering positive outcomes to the community. His journey began at Palm Beach Atlantic University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Organization Management before receiving a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at the same university. His Florida roots grow deep. He wants to provide Polk County students with the same education he received. His background and passion for education will make him perfect to lead by example on the school board.



Travis will emphasize safety, talent retention, and effective use of technology.

Equal Opportunities

Travis believes every student deserves an outstanding education, no matter their situation.


Travis Keyes Campaign‘s Strategies

Student-Focused Solutions

Travis has long thought about what Polk County parents and educators need from their school board representative. He is prepared to present an exhaustive platform that emphasizes their well-being.

Talent Retention

Travis will make teacher certifications over state lines more compatible, introduce incentives for high performers, and emphasize holistic approaches over standardized testing.

Fix the Achievement Gap

Travis will level the field with increased teacher training and by ensuring all students receive equal opportunities regardless of economic background and increase mental health resources.

Increased Safety

Travis will allocate resources to ensure students and faculty remain safe while at school. He will also ensure teachers are trained on digital education techniques.

Beyond ADA Compliance

As a school board member, Travis will go several steps beyond ADA compliance and support staff individually.


Whether in the form of sports, clubs, music, or the arts, he will ensure they stay open.

Volunteer for Our Exciting Campaign Today

Team Keyes is always looking for new members! Our volunteers are the backbone of our campaign’s success. If you sign up, you will contribute to improving Polk County’s education system for students and educators. You can refine skills in event planning, public speaking, and community outreach or use your winning personality while canvassing and running phone banks. Support Travis Keyes today.

Travis Keyes Campaign

Mailing Address
PO Box 3240
Haines City, FL 33844-8001


Hours of Operation
Available 24/7